Self Care During a Quarantine

Self Care During a Quarantine

This has been a hard year! If you’re coming to Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa, you’ve probably come for some much needed self-care. During the pandemic there have been so many articles telling us what to do to show ourselves some love. Whether it’s focusing on a passion of yours or doing an activity you find relaxing, we all have been seeking out “us” time. And here at Le Reve our staff is no different! 

   Nagi, a longtime employee, says she’s been doing “extra cleaning” and watching “Behind Her Eyes” on Netflix. Our owner, Sophia, agrees with Netflix being a top priority during the Covid lockdown. New employee Ambrr has been giving her two cats and freckled dog extra cuddles during the long pandemic winter while she looks forward to spring. Lois, massage therapist, enjoyed a beautiful Italian meal with her family, that she spent days cooking, after some time apart due to Covid. Tanya, another longtime employee, has been exercising and giving her hubby extra love. One of the best types of self-adoration is taking care of your body, inside and out. Join Le Reve and its employees in really loving yourself, one year into Quarantine.  

(The author has been doing Yoga, eating healthy, and reading murder mysteries for self-care during Covid.)

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