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Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peel and French Facelift are the best procedures recommended as post-winter spa treatments to remove dry, flaky, irritated skin and restore natural beauty of your face.

This spring Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa offers 50% off on “must have” spa specials and skin care treatments.

Le Rêve Rittenhouse Day Spa offers luxurious Philadelphia Spa Specials. This spring Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa offers 50% off on “must have” spa specials and skin care treatments to help your skin recover from winter season damage. Environmentally stressed skin is one of the world’s fastest increasing skin phenomenons and the chances are you are experiencing some or all of the following symptoms: increased sensitivity especially on the cheek area, dehydration, accelerated aging lines, itchy skin or a skin that suddenly reacts to anything or everything.

With spring bringing a mix of warmer winds and sunnier days, taking care of our skin begins with understanding the changes it goes through each season. With freezing temperatures outside and central heating cranked up to the max, chapped lips, sore red patches and flaky skin have become a daily occurrence. Bring your skin back to life at Philadelphia’s best day spa located at 255 S 17th Street, Rittenhouse Square.

Spring Spa Specials include: Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peel and French Facelift. Those are the best procedures recommended as post-winter treatments to remove dry, flaky, irritated skin and restore natural beauty of your face. It is important to remember and to ensure that the skin remains moisturized and hydrated. Dry skin can easily crack and break, looking unhealthy. While the tough top layer of the epidermis is on the skin it can prevent a lot of moisturizers from reaching deep into the dermis where they are needed, but by removing the top layer of the epidermis also gives the skin a chance to deeply absorb lotions and other beneficial skin care products it was not able to absorb before.

Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa
Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa

French Facelift

Start with face contouring. By stimulating the muscles around the contour of your face similar to the way facial posing in face yoga works, the secret to getting a thinner face may be in your fingertips. With the right facial massage technique it is said that these massages may help you get the small face without expensive surgery. Note that results may vary from person to person.

The French facial is a unique nonsurgical, noninvasive facial that is specially designed to tone, lift and firm sagging or drooping facial muscles without pain. The secret to this facial is a mild or slight
electrical current that mimics the natural micro electrical current of the body. The currents also massage, stimulate, and exercise thirty-two muscles of the face and neck, which strengthens and tones them, encouraging them to lift safely back into place, visibly toning them. This will give the appearance of higher cheekbones. The currents have anti aging properties that work at the cellular level to increase the metabolism of the cell.

The treatment will also soften fine lines and wrinkles until they are diminished, as well as increase collagen and skin elasticity. The facelift will produce a natural radiant glow by improving circulation within the tiny veins, or capillaries, just beneath the skin.

Finish by applying a Peel-Off Mask. A super-cooling, skin-quenching mask that gently peels away impurities that can cause skin to be rough and dull. Contains all natural herbal ingredients to soothe while moisturizing, ensuring skin feels soft and silky-smooth after every use. Perfect for all skin types.


  • Face Contouring Massage
  • French Facelift
  • Peel-Off Mask
Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa

Detox Body Wrap in Sybaritic Blanket

Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa offers an extraordinary Slimming and Detoxifying Body Wrap. This one of a kind heated body wrap helps the body draw out heavy metals, chemical toxins, microbial compounds, and byproducts from protein metabolism by the most natural process of shedding excess body fluids. It is beneficial for all guests who to wish to improve the texture of their skin, enhance the senses, encourage weight loss, increase vitamin and mineral absorption, purify and reduce blood fat levels.

While getting a body treatment our guests recieve a reflexology massage. Steady, gentle is applied to specific points on the feet and hands that correspond and stimulate different organs and endocrine system (various glands) in the body to release energy blockage and stress. Finish with incredible unique treatment Indian Scalp Massage. The therapeutic benefits of the Indian head massage are comprehensive, suggesting that you make it a part of your overall health routines. They include: pain relief, healthy hair and scalp, reduction of stress and anxiety, balanced chakras and many more.


  • Detox Body Wrap
  • Hand Reflexology
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Indian Scalp Treatment
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Bridal Spa IV

The Cinderella’s dream package includes one of the kind Le Reve luxury gift for brides. Custom ordered Cinderella luxury puffy slippers, spa wrap, and a sleeping beauty night eye mask.

The rejuvenation facial for brides, a combination of the French emulsion to the Cleopatra milk cleansing, refreshing, lifting, brightening of the face. Followed by an incredible all-body ritual, a luxurious Swedish massage and detoxifying body wrap leaving skin smooth, velvety soft and providing you with radiant glow.

$700 per person / 7.5 ours

up to 10 people

  • Spa Gift
  • Spa Facial
  • French Biolift
  • Swedish Massage.
  • Body treatment
  • Body Sculpturing
  • Oxy-hand treatment
  • Dior Manicure and Pedicure
  • Hot Stone Foot Reflexology Treatment
  • Make Up Artistry
  • Wet Steam Sauna or Dry Sauna
  • Wine or Sparkling Champagne
  • Gourmet chocolate
  • Lash extension
  • Hair blow-out and Up-Do (optional)
  • Bridal pictures (optional)
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Autumn Special

Let Le Reve put our experience,expertise and love to makeup artistry to work for you to help you look absolutely perfect for any occasion. Featuring an elite team of makeup artists,passionate and creative, our artists pride themselves with excellence in detailing each unique Le Reve look complete with Flare Lashes, also called “Traditional Individual Eyelashes”, are an excellent choice for both everyday wear and special occasions. They are applied using a one-week eyelash glue that bonds to the client’s existing lashes. Let the Lash Flares add an eye-catching pop to your look.

$100 / 80 minutes

  • Luxury Puffy Slippers *Gift
  • Make up artistry
  • Lash extension
  • Brow Shaping