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Whether you're at the office or at the gym, our makeup is as high-performance as you are.

Whether you’re at the office or at the gym, our makeup is as high-performance as you are.

Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa features Natural Mineral Cosmetics developed by a paramedical aesthetician for plastic surgeons for patients recovering from harsh medical procedures and for those who battling an assortment of skin conditions, from acne or rosacea to other conditions caused by the negative effects of laser resurfacing. In the past, the lengthy healing process of many skin ailments, which severely limit makeup options, inspired Pauline Youngblood to create a solution. Working with a team of chemists to formulate the perfect product for irritated and sensitive skin, she created a full-coverage, lightweight makeup that doesn’t clog the pores.

Unlike traditional makeup formulas, minerals use natural pigments from the earth to provide rich color, and to help smooth the appearance of fine lines and blemishes. Youngblood uses only first-rate ingredients in our luxurious formulations; one try of our silky lightweight Natural Mineral Foundation is all it takes to see and feel the difference. These formulations also naturally provide sun protection, keeping skin healthy and youthful. Over the past 16 years, Youngblood has become a clear standard used by many upscale med-spa and skin care clinics around the world; is the preferred choice of numerous professional makeup artists; and can be seen worn by most of the hottest celebrities gracing Hollywood’s red carpets and silver screens.

Whether you’re at the office or at the gym, our makeup is as high-performance as you are. Here at Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa in the heart of Philadelphia we have makeup products suitable for all ages and skin types, even those with sensitive and problem skin, and come in a comprehensive range of realistic, natural-looking shades. Our natural minerals create a beautiful translucent glow to your skin that is unmatched by any other makeup on the market today. Let us help your skin look flawlessly airbrushed and effortlessly radiant with our HD ready mineral formulas. Special occasions, Bridal, Day and Night looks are more than just beautiful makeup with our natural minerals. For us… ingredients matter! Our Vegan Mineral Makeup is free of: animal tasting, parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, talc, artificial dyes and fragrances, irritants and harsh chemicals. Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa offers a variety of makeup services and makeup lessons. Schedule your appointment to experience the flawless application with healthy, youthful glow to your skin.

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Foundation Match

It’s either a hit or miss when it comes to choosing the right foundation, and a lot of times, we miss. But if you’re choosing it solely based on your complexion, you’re making the mistake of leaving the house looking like una loca! A makeup artist breaks down a super easy way to find the right foundation for your skin tone, and it doesn’t require testing a million shades!


Full Brazilian Bikini Waxing - Philadelphia PA

Makeup Application

You may be perched on a stool between the Urban Decay and Lorac displays, but this isn’t your typical product-pushing makeover. The experts here book makeup sessions that can focus on just one element (like the perfect date-night smoky eye or bold lip) or an entire look. It’s almost too easy.
Whether you’re going for an all-natural or highly stylized look, we can create the perfect you with our customized make-up session.

$100 and up

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Special Occasion Makeup

A wedding or a festival is a moment for most women to present themselves in a unique way. With the wedding and festive season coming up soon, it is time to wear your best look and put your best face forward. Makeup is an art and if done well, can give you an instant makeover. A tired, flawed face or acne-filled or dry face can be easily transformed into fresh, radiant one in a matter of minutes, provided you highlight your face the right way. If you are pressed on time, have no time to get a makeup expert or rush to the salon, fret not!


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Eyebrow Shaping (Tweezing)

With a simple raise, a small furrow, or a quick lift and hover, eyebrows convey surprise, frustration, shock, and excitement. Eyebrows are a hugely important beauty feature on your face, and with a grooming savvy, the main thing your brows will communicate this season is sex appeal.


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Tattoo Coverage

Need to occasionally conceal your tattoos? Our products flawlessly camouflages any color tattoo. These high pigmented foundations glide on easily, feeling comfortable on the body, leaving a natural even finish.
Tattoos have their time (spring break, mid-life crisis, life-changing moment) and their place (small of the neck, ankle, back), but a job interview rarely qualifies as either. Instead of fretting over strategically placed jewelry or how you’re going to pull of a turtleneck, turn to your makeup bag to cover up tattoos. The proper full-coverage makeup can make your ink do a disappearing act. Here, we’ve compiled the best heavy-duty concealers that can temporarily camouflage any permanent work of art to help you snag that new gig.

$45 and up

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Strip Eyelash Application

These types of eyelashes are the most common. You can find them at department stores and drug stores. Instead of having the lashes clumped together then place on the lash line individually, the lashes are packed as a strip. This strip is also the part that is to be glued to the eyelash area. A lot of people feel that strip false eyelashes are a whole lot more artificial looking as compared to the individual lashes. However, it is also important to consider the fact that strip falsies are extremely affordable and are super easy to stick on.
You can buy these absolutely anywhere. They can be bought at any department store near you. Strip lashes come in all kinds of length and even color. Some of them even have fancy feather designs on them. Strip lashes only have to be stuck on once, there isn’t much room for error here.


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Individual (Bunches) Eyebrow Application

They are extremely natural looking and blend in easily to your natural lashes.
Sparse spots of lashes in the lash line can be pretty annoying but thanks to individual lashes you can fill them in.
If you’re too nervous and shaky to apply this stuff to your eyes, you can actually get a professional do this. This doesn’t cost much and this way you can ensure that not only are your lashes nicely applied but that you also lessen the risk of you poking your eyes out.


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Organic Mineral Skin Treatment

Immediate skin radiance. Mineral Mud and seaweed for natural hydration. Fruit and plant extracts for anti-aging.
Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa mineral spa facials contain a unique blend of rejuvenating natural ingredients to give skin an instant boost. This treatment includes Fingertip Face Lift. This results-driven technique has been formulated to give amazing face-lifting results. The Facelift massage incorporates both Western and Eastern philosophies and includes principles of Chinese Acupressure, Ayurveda and Reiki.
Followed by Energy Mineral Stone Therapy, this treatment features the perfect combination of 8 natural minerals (Jade, Germanium, Amethyst, Yellow Clay, Tourmaline, Mica, Quartz-Porphyry and Serpentine) with proven health benefits and its bio-energy will induce cell regeneration and blood circulation, alkalize the blood and release toxins. Organic oil and herb blend mask will finalize this unique re-mineralising spa facial experience.


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Bridal Makeup Trial

A professional makeup artist will be able to examine and give recommendations for improving your skin, so you can have the most flawless makeup application on your wedding day. This is one reason why a trial makeup is so important. Your makeup artist will be able to tell you if your skin is dry and needs to be exfoliated, give tips to avoid flaky lips, and suggest if you need to make a visit to your aesthetician or dermatologist.


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Wedding Day Makeup

A professional makeup artist will be trained in the art of highlighting your best features and contouring any imperfections. They will know how to fix your brows to best frame your eyes and cover that last minute pimple. Did you know that using a foundation with SPF in it will make you look like a ghost in flash photography? If not, then you should consider leaving your wedding makeup to a professional.
A professional makeup artist will have you looking gorgeous in person and in photographs. Your makeup will be flawless and last all day and night! They can suggest false lashes when your natural ones just won’t cut it, and you will be amazed at how gorgeous you can look in your wedding photographs, just by hiring the right makeup artist!


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Makeup Lesson

If you are planning on DIYing your wedding day makeup, you should have a professional makeup lesson first, and then plan on spending hundreds of dollars on makeup and products that you may never use again. You will most likely be nervous and shaking on your wedding day, so keep that in mind, your nerves may get the best of you!


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Bridesmaids Makeup

A professional makeup artist will take into consideration each bridesmaid’s coloring and personal style to create a unique but uniform look for your entire bridal party. This will avoid the issue of the one bridesmaid who loves shimmery silver eyeshadow and looks like she has disco balls on her eyelids, or the one bridesmaid who refuses to wear makeup and looks half dead in your photographs. I’m not even kidding!