Spiritual Guided
Couples Massage

Have you ever wanted to create a relaxing, sensual, and aphrodisiac state through the art of massage with your partner, yet not feel like you have all the tools for your tool belt?

There’s something unique that happens in the mind whenever we’re touched in a genuinely caring or loving way. That’s because the naturally-occurring chemical known as oxytocin—also known as “the love hormone”—is released!  That’s why a massage so often leads to lovemaking. Studies have also shown that couples are rewarded with special but genuine sensations of partner bonding when they bring novelty into their relationships. And that makes perfect sense. Have you ever felt unusually close to someone you shared an adventure with?

You may be surprised to learn that it wasn’t necessarily the sense of adventure that brought you closer together, but the fact that you experienced something for the first time with that person. And while there’s nothing wrong with experiencing a couples massage in a spa, we think there’s something uniquely special about being able to give your partner a proper massage in the privacy of your own bedroom. That’s why we offer the Spiritual Guided Couples Massage package, during which you’ll learn how to treat your partner with the deceptively simple healing power of touch.

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Spiritual Guided Couples Massage
This unique experience is so couples can expand their knowledge on touch, technique, and what to do and not to do during a massage! Enjoy the luxury of your private suite at our tranquil day spa. As your trained massage therapist guides and teaches you both, they will also show you where certain pressure points are located, special hand techniques, and how to use external elements such as essential oils. You both will learn how to heighten the senses during your 20 minute practice massage session. After you learn the basics, you both will step into the art of massage and practice on your partner for an additional 20 minutes. Ends with a 30 min session in our Dry/Wet Sauna and Salt room.
  • 75 mins - guided practice
  • 30 mins - dry/wet sauna
  • Chocolates and Champagne/Wine included.
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