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April 9, 2021by Jane Cunningham0

Chances are if you’re a woman you’ve thought about your “down there” health at least once, and that’s a good thing! A woman’s ph balance can often be a tricky thing to manage. Sex, the food we eat, the tampons we use, and even our STRESS levels can affect our vaginas! Women have been keeping an eye on their vaginal health throughout the ages in a variety of ways. “Yoni Steaming” is a vaginal health technique from ancient times that is touted as beneficial in numerous ways. Vaginal “Yoni” steaming is a technique where the woman squats naked over steamed wormwood and mugwort herbs. Wormwood reportedly helps with sexual desire and increased blood flow, while mugwort is a natural anti-inflammatory. The treatment is said to be good for postpartum vaginal care and whilst on your menstrual cycle, as well as help ph and hormonal balance. For the month of April Le Reve will be celebrating the birth of spring with our “Vagacial” packages; all of which include Yoni steaming. Come celebrate your womanhood by giving a little extra love to your vagina!

Jane Cunningham

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