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Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa

Beauty Defect Repair, better known as BDR, is a world-class skin treatment system developed in Germany, and - lucky for you - Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa is bringing it to Philadelphia. BDR is a specially created facial regimen which can be custom tailored for each person’s skin needs and goals.

This treatment plan is so effective, you’ll be able to notice a difference after the first session.

Often times facials are thought of as a treat or a luxury, which they can be, but they can also be thought of as an investment. You are investing in your own wellness and health. The specialized BDR facials at Le Reve Rittenhouse will help you put your best face forward. Your facial can concentrate on acne blemishes, wrinkle reduction, scar removal, microdermabrasion and more, depending on your individual skin goals.

There are many benefits to getting facials. For instance, reduce under eye bags and dark circles, tighten skin aiding in elasticity, exfoliate, and promote blood flow. There are studies that show facials can even reduce stress. The more obvious benefits include blemish reduction, blackhead removal and pore cleansing. If you make getting facials, specifically a BDR facial, part of your regular routine, you are sure to see results, and maybe some you didn’t even intend for, like anti-aging and skin brightening.

If you are looking to get a facial in Philadelphia or a facial in Rittenhouse Square, Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa is the place to go. While you’re there you can also take advantage of their salt cave / salt energy lounge. It’s a one of a kind experience with himalayan salt surrounding you in a serene environment. Le Reve offers their clients a monthly membership with special pricing available for a menu of popular services, along with special perks at each visit. Call or visit Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa to experience the luxury and relaxation for yourself!

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