Aromatherapy Day Spa Suite

This suite features chromotherapy wellness and healing scents of aromatherapy including: lavender, rose and eucalyptus – just to name a few. 1,000 twinkling lights create a starlight scene from atop and profound accents of natural stone adorn the walls. Just adjacent, a chromotherapy lighted shower and steam room await offering lusher aromatherapy splendor.

In our Aromatherapy Day Spa Suite at Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa, you can expect to detoxify and feel refreshed while experiencing your luxurious Body Treatments on a Himalayan Salt Therapy pod that is used for the richest of purification and magical protection that will ward off any negative energy that your body may store. Once you enter this private, inviting suite you will instantly feel relieved emotionally and physically as you will have access to your own private 2-person aromatherapy steam room and exquisite bathroom.
Our Body Treatments include:

  • Detox Body Wrap in Sybaritic Blanket Salt Scrub
  • Salt Scrub
  • Himalayan Salt Therapy
  • Herbal Body Wrap

Aromatherapy is the use of natural oils that are extracted from bark, flowers, stems, roots, leaves or other parts of a plant. At Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa we utilize these oils to enhance the physical and psychological well-being. When the aroma of these “essential” oils are inhaled, they are known to stimulate brain function. Essential oils can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin. When essential oils are absorbed through the skin, they travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing. Aromatherapy is used to improve mood enhancement, increase cognitive function and reduce aches and pains.

  • Lavender oil is used to calm the mind and body. It helps you relax in those times of feeling anxious and overwhelmed. It is also utilized as a natural sleep aid.
  • Rose oil boosts self-esteem, confidence and mental strength. It also is used to fight depression and relax nerves.
  • Eucalyptus oil provides a cooling and refreshing effect. Helps when feeling sluggish and reduces exhaustion. It can be effective in the treatment of stress.

Chromotherapy also known as color therapy, is classified as a vibrational healing modality. Color is simply a form of visible light, of electromagnetic energy. All the primary colors reflected in the rainbow carry their own unique healing properties to balance energy in the areas of our bodies that are lacking vibrance, whether be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. The different colors are known to heighten senses for creative thinking, reducing stress, energizing and creating balance.

  • Yellow promotes creative thinking
  • White purifies and clarifies the senses
  • Light red is bold, warming, and energizing
  • Magenta reduces anxiety while boosting creativity
  • Orange invigorates and awakens the soul
  • Green bring harmony and balance to the spirit

The combination of aromatherapy and chromotherapy in this suite will leave you feeling rejuvenated and will create balance in your mind and body. Call Le Reve Rittenhouse Day Spa at (215) 563-8888 today to schedule your Body Treatment in our beautiful Aromatherapy Day Spa Suite.

aromatherapy day spa suite