African American Massage Therapist in Philadelphia

Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa Philadelphia

Meet Dominic!

Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa is pleased to have Dominic as one of our massage therapists. He has a passion for healing through massage and has been able to improve many peoples’ lives through his gift of healing touch.

Dominic is a professional and is sensitive to each individual person’s needs and intentions for getting a massage. He will cater his technique and amount of pressure based on an initial consultation and your feedback throughout your session. Dominic creates a relationship with his clients so that he can help you get the most out of your massage experience. His long-term clients most benefit from the effects of massage therapy, aiding in rehabilitation, dexterity, range of motion and, of course, relaxation.

Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa is an inclusive, diverse environment. If you are looking for an African-American masseuse, look no further and book an appointment at Le Reve with Dominic. If you would prefer a black massage therapist, you can request Dominic when you book your appointment at Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa. Our massage therapists are also LGBT friendly. We welcome everyone who is open to the healing and relaxation benefits of massage therapy to our Center City, Philadelphia spa.

Dominic has a very diverse clientele, and because he is an African-American massage therapist, he can relate to our varied customer base in a unique way, using his healing intuition to help people who normally may not have tried massage therapy. Dominic has been able to help people through massage in a myriad of ways. Call Le Reve today to book your massage appointment with Dominic. You can also purchase a Le Reve Spa gift certificate online, which can be used to book a massage with Dominic – the perfect gift for anyone.

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