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Uncategorized3 Reasons a Couples Massage Will Help Strengthen Your Relationship

Do you need a way to strengthen the relationship with your significant other? We can help at Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa by providing you and your loved one with a couples massage. If you feel as though you two are drifting apart, or even if you feel as though your relationship is better than ever, a couples massage can greatly benefit and improve your loving partnership!

Instead of acting out stress and tension, come relive it at Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa with a couples massage. It is the ultimate retreat for couples who want or need to spend more time together; in fact, you can do so while enjoying gourmet chocolates and sparkly Champagne. Here are three reasons why a couples massage will help strengthen your relationship:

  1. Increases feelings of affection – Massages can increase feelings of affection and intimacy in couples because they release the feel-good hormones associated with touch, such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Not only does the massage feel good physically, but it also helps make you and your partner more touchy-feely and loving towards one another.
  2. Helps you reconnect – Many couples are often busy with work, school, and just life in general, and do not have enough time to relax with one another. During a massage, you can just allow life’s problems to drift away and focus on the present moment. As you lie there, fully-engaged in the blissful moment with your significant other, you’ll begin to reconnect, which will hopefully stay with the two of you after and outside of the massage treatment.
  3. Escape and enjoy each others company – Everyone has probably talked about escaping with their significant other before (probably to a tropical island). Our couples massage may be the escape the two of you need without having to face the dangers of that deserted island. You’ll enjoy each other’s company in our relaxing atmosphere during this romantic escape that you’ll never forget.

These are just a few reasons why a couples massage would strengthen your relationship. We believe that a little relaxation, a good massage, and some quality time are the keys to maintaining a happy and healthy relationship. To learn more about our couples massages and other services, contact Le Reve Rittenhouse Spa at 215-563-8888 or visit our website at

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